UNMADE IN IRELAND is a collection of intimate and candid photos of musicians in their rehearsal spaces, homes and workplaces. It documents their driving passions and lays bare the reality of what it takes to be a working musician.

Unmade in Ireland is just that--musicians who are giving their all but haven’t “made it”* yet. In practice rooms, studio spaces, festival side-stages, and self-released albums, these artists represent the hard-working but largely unseen spirit of contemporary Irish music.

Unmade in Ireland is an independent creative project in collaboration with writer and all-around creative Katie Dwyer (@akatiedwyer).

The project is now on hiatus as other projects and travels have taken priority.

Unmade in Ireland allowed me to get back to my roots—back in Ireland and back at the starting-point of bands. I have always loved working with musicians and trying to understand what drives them to pursue their music, sometimes well beyond what seems rational to the outside eye. The project tagline - All Music Starts Somewhere -  is the truth. All music begins with someone with talent and drive, with commitment and a willingness to make their vision real.

Follow Unmade in Ireland at www.unmadeinireland.com

*“Unmade” is not a judgment on the quality of music or the long-term potential of the band. It’s about catching musicians as they’re striving to make that start.