The Store FAQ:

Where do you ship?

Prints ship worldwide. A2 and A3 sized prints are shipped via registered post in travel-safe tubes. A5s are sent in 1st class envelopes.

Framed prints are available in the US ONLY at this time (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). This is not because I do not love you, this is because frames are delicate and I do not want to send you expensive broken things.


How Much is Shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of the print. 

Why in Euro?

My store is based in Ireland, so my prices are in Euro. Your bank will convert your local currency to Euro upon purchase, so wherever you are in the world you can still purchase prints through the store.

What do the sizes mean? What's an A5? An A2? A3? 

These are standard European paper size measurements. We've customized the A5 a bit. In inches my A5 prints are 8" x 5.7". An A3 is 11.69" x 16.53" and an A2 print is 16.53" x 23.39". 

Why so expensive?

I care a lot about quality. I take a great deal of pride in my work, and want it to look wonderful when you hang it on your wall. Fine art printing is expensive, as is working with a truly excellent printer who knows his trade.

How are the prints shipped? Are they shipped together? Are they folded?

Square, panoramic, A2 and A3 prints are shipped carefully rolled in an art shipping tube, via registered post. A5s are shipped flat, in sturdy 1st class envelopes. 

If an order includes an A2 and A3 print, then the two will be rolled carefully together and shipped in a single packing tube. If an A5 print is ordered with an A2 or A3, then it has to be shipped separately to avoid damage. 

I don't fold my prints. Under any circumstances. The very idea makes my stomach clench. Please don't ask me again.  

Who is this Katie person who emailed me? 

Katie Dwyer helps me run my online store, blog, and mail-outs to you lovely folks. She's good with the words and turns the things I think into actual sentences that make sense. She's also helping me with emails and making sure we do a good job of getting the kinds of photos you want out to you. She's the voice behind Unmade in Ireland, wrote the Bastille book, and generally makes good things happen. 

Do you ship to where I live?

Yes. Yes I do.

But… Euro?

Believe me. It will work.

Feel free to ask additional questions:

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