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"As the tide changes on the Oregon coast, the Pacific Ocean smooths to glass. Rocky hillsides overlook an empty beach as mist rolls in, complementing the warm afternoon sun and creating a golden, welcoming light."  

On Sale August 24th - August 25th 2015.

One Day Photos are sold as digital files, made instantly available to you through a file download. You can then print it at home or take the file to a corner printing shop. No shipping, no waiting.

To learn more about the One Day Photo concept, check out my blog post on this idea HERE

The file size is optimised to be printed at A4 or smaller. Anything bigger than that and you’ll lose quality.


For best effect, print on photo paper with your at-home printer (be sure you have ink!) or take the file to any neighborhood photo printer. I recommend a matte or semi-gloss photo paper, ideally a heavy paper thickness. Print settings should be landscape, borderless, scale to fit, and should match the size of paper you’re printing (I printed at 4 x 6).  

This image will NOT be available as a One Day Photo again.

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