The Store Is Live!

Whenever I’ve gotten a shot I feel really proud of, I’ve thought—I’d love to see that on someone’s wall. Or when I’ve traveled and caught some vista or some beautiful glimpse of a street scene, I’ve often thought now that is something a little different than what I’ve seen before. I’d like to get that out there in the world.

Finally, the store is live.

I hesitated for a long, long time for lots of mostly uninteresting reasons. Setting up a store is complicated. I could go on and on, but basically it’s taken a while to decide that it’s worth getting my work out there. People can decide what they want to put on their walls, but I want my work to at least be one of the options.

So anyway, that’s all the long and boring backstory. Here’s the deal:

I’m selling my photos in three collections: Music, Travel, and a short-time-only A5 Collection. The music and travel are more stable collections, occasionally rotating in new images, all offered in A3 and A2 sizes. The A5 collection is my effort to balance out my passion for high-quality fine arts printing with wanting to have an affordable option for my work, and I’m hoping will lead to people curating their own collections my work. I also found a framing company that will do beautiful handmade frames in the US (shipping internationally is unfortunately too complex at this time).

What does this mean for the blog?

I’m going to keep posting here just as I always have. I’ll keep sharing my photos and stories, regardless of whatever else changes. I’m honoured that people are interested in me and my work, and am incredibly excited about the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.

So keep on keeping on out there!

Gregory Nolan Framed Prints