Portrait of A Festival

I’m always struck by the crowds at festivals and shows. Even though I’m there specifically to photograph the musicians, I always love capturing the front rows and fans--there’s something really special in paying attention to the individual faces in a crowd that are at least half of what makes a great show what it is.

So I decided to capture a portrait set of festival-goers as part of my personal mission as a festival photographer for Electric Picnic.

This festival has a broad base and a wide appeal--although for me it feels like primarily a musical event, there are all those people showing up for the comedy stage, the political talks, and the literary events. So you get young people in full festival dress and older folks camping in yurts and everyone in between. As an exercise in portraiture, it was quite an opportunity, and people were very kind in letting me photograph them.

I don’t often talk about the technical details of my photography, but since a few people have asked in the past… I shot these portraits on a 85mm lens on my Nikon D810.