A Top Secret Spring by Gregory Nolan


Contrary to what it might look like here on the blog, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have, in fact, been quite busy with several different projects since I last wrote in March.

Problem is, they all have EXCLUSIVE/NDA/TOP SECRET written across them, which makes blog writing… problematic.

So suffice it to say that I’ll have good stories coming your way soon, from London and LA, from Oregon and parts between. There’s exciting stuff in the works for some projects I’ve been involved with for a long time, including work for some upcoming releases, plus some new stuff that keeps popping up.


Plus I’ve been going through my archives in my spare time, and looking back at some of my very first photos from my early London days...back when Mumford and Sons looked like children, Frank had almost no tattoos and when everyone must of gotten dressed in the dark. 

In the meantime, if you want more news from me I do share stories from time to time on my mailing list, which you can sign up for here: http://bit.ly/gnsubscribe 

Keep on keeping on with you, and I’ll keep on keeping on here.

The Store Is Live! by Gregory Nolan

Whenever I’ve gotten a shot I feel really proud of, I’ve thought—I’d love to see that on someone’s wall. Or when I’ve traveled and caught some vista or some beautiful glimpse of a street scene, I’ve often thought now that is something a little different than what I’ve seen before. I’d like to get that out there in the world.

Finally, the store is live.

I hesitated for a long, long time for lots of mostly uninteresting reasons. Setting up a store is complicated. I could go on and on, but basically it’s taken a while to decide that it’s worth getting my work out there. People can decide what they want to put on their walls, but I want my work to at least be one of the options.

So anyway, that’s all the long and boring backstory. Here’s the deal:

I’m selling my photos in three collections: Music, Travel, and a short-time-only A5 Collection. The music and travel are more stable collections, occasionally rotating in new images, all offered in A3 and A2 sizes. The A5 collection is my effort to balance out my passion for high-quality fine arts printing with wanting to have an affordable option for my work, and I’m hoping will lead to people curating their own collections my work. I also found a framing company that will do beautiful handmade frames in the US (shipping internationally is unfortunately too complex at this time).

What does this mean for the blog?

I’m going to keep posting here just as I always have. I’ll keep sharing my photos and stories, regardless of whatever else changes. I’m honoured that people are interested in me and my work, and am incredibly excited about the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead.

So keep on keeping on out there!

Gregory Nolan Framed Prints

Road Trip: Denver To The Pacific by Gregory Nolan

Gregory Nolan Columbia River Gorge

America is big. Pretty basic, I know, but it’s true. It’s almost unending, and with landscapes that keep changing as you go.

Gregory Nolan American Road Trip--Rocky Mountains

I’ve crossed America at least four times on various tours over the last few years, but the travel part of those experiences has always been at night: you play a show, get a drink or two, and then load up the bus and wake up the next morning in a new city. When you’re on an extended US music tour, it’s one city after another with very little in between.

A good old-fashioned American road trip is the complete opposite.

The Colorado Rockies are breathtaking. Utah has canyons opening beyond canyons, with impossible-looking mountain ranges in the distance. Southern Idaho felt endless. Eastern Oregon looked like more of Idaho until suddenly the bottom dropped out into the Columbia River Gorge. And then the Pacific coast.

There’s no sense comparing the beauty of one place against another. Europe vs. US or whatever is sort of a waste of time and energy. But I will say that there’s a scale here that feels special, and a bit overwhelming to a city-raised fellow like me. It’s hard to imagine how people end up living in some of these remote places, or even how stretches of highway came to be.

I suspect there will be quite a few Americana posts in the future. I’m feeling inspired by the whole place: by the fading small towns and the epic trees and waterfalls, by the people and the cities they create.

Frank Turner The Road Beneath My Feet by Gregory Nolan

Frank Turner stands at a microphone at an early show.

My first tour with Frank Turner in 2011 was a turning point in my photography career. It was the first time I was part of an extended tour as the photographer, and my first real experience on the road in music. Beyond that, his music has been a backdrop to a large part of my life and is tied up in a good bit of who I am both professionally and as a human being.

So I don’t really know how to say just how excited I am that Frank has written a book, The Road Beneath My Feet, and how honoured I am that one of my photos is on the cover (and two inside the book as well).

Frank Turner The Road Beneath My Feet Cover Image

Having experienced life on the road with the man (as well as having witnessed his trajectory as a musician since 2004), I know this memoir is something to look forward to in a very real way. I’ll be interested to see what stories he’s reported and just how much of the realities of that kind of intensive touring he’ll choose to share.

As all of you who are fans of his music know, he’s got a story well worth the telling. And I can’t help a couple of cheesy quotes, “It doesn’t matter where you come from/ it matters where you go,” as well as “burst at the seams, be what you dream, and take to the road.”

(You can buy the book on pre-order here  http://amzn.to/1AXRS4Y, and I highly recommend you do so)