Another Look is a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing nonprofits and direct services providers with professional photography and storytelling services. 

I co-founded and co-direct this organization with writer/creative Katie Dwyer. We work primarily with smaller nonprofits who don’t have the time or resources to create high-quality narratives, but who are doing incredible work in their communities.

Throughout my work, I love the power of the story behind the photo. I want to capture moments that inspire people, and that show the connection and context in a single instant. Working with nonprofits through Another Look has given me a whole new way to do that work. I capture candid interactions between staff and clients. I’ve taken portraits of people who aren’t accustomed to be looked at with respect and dignity. I try to bring a sense of power and warmth to environments that too often are captured by low-quality cameras in the hands of busy volunteers.

This project came about because Katie was asked to record stories of people who were recently released from prison and were utilizing the services at the Reentry Transition Center in Portland. She asked me to take portraits of those individuals, and we were both struck by the difference between these photos and the photos on the website. Since then, we have worked with a food bank, a summer reading program for underserved kids, a computer recycling center, and many others.

I’m proud to have the chance to do this work, and I hope to see it grow as time goes on.